Posted: August 6, 2010 Joe Boyce 1692 Galaxy Way Redding, CA 96002 In July of 2006, I lent Joe Boyce nearly $5000.00 so he could close on his new house. After trying to contact him multiple times over the last several months via every way I know how, I have posted this hoping that he will see it and pay the money he owes me. I am sincerely bummed that it has come to this. Joe Boyce and I had been friends for over 15 years. Joe, if you are reading this, please do what is right and pay me the money you owe. To anyone reading this who knows how to contact Joe Boyce: Please contact me and/or let Joe Boyce know that I am trying to reach him. I will keep you anonymous; I am only interested in having the money he owes me repaid, nothing more, nothing less. This is the contact information I've had in the past for Joe Boyce: 530-351-4547 530-225-4207 1692 Galaxy Way Redding, CA 96002 - Mike I can be reached via email or phone, 24/7. Contact information is below: Michael Warren (650)740-4994

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